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CBH Brit Mitzvah Program

Please note that CBH's Brit Mitzvah program is separate from the rest of CBH's family, children, and teen programming. Our Brit Mitzvah program is over seen by the Rabbi & Rabbi's Assistant/Events Manager. 

We are honored that you have chosen our community to guide you on this meaningful and exciting journey! Our congregation welcomes and encourages Jewish members of any age (13 or over) to prepare for and celebrate a brit mitzvah. It is our hope that through the process of preparing for the event and through their involvement in our community, participants will discover their Jewish voice and bring a fuller meaning to their practice of Judaism.

(Adults desiring to prepare for a bar/bat mitzvah ceremony may arrange a course of study with the Rabbi.)

While the student is certainly at the heart of the brit mitzvah preparation and celebration, we believe firmly that this process is most meaningful when it takes place in the context of the student's family and the CBH community, every step of the way. This is truly a lifecycle for the whole family!

Similarly, we believe that one of the most compelling aspects of Jewish identity is connection to Jewish community. Throughout the preparation process and beyond the simcha itself, we want our children and young adults to feel that they have a place at CBH. 







We do have some guidelines to ensure that the Brit Mitzvah experience adheres to the values of our community. (In cases where the guidelines create a barrier rather than a challenge, we invite families to talk with the Rabbi about designing an experience that will be meaningful and appropriate for the child and the circumstances.)

School Attendance

In the two years leading up to the brit mitzvah, students must be enrolled at CBH Community School. Additionally, they must complete their Brit Mitzvah Bingo card (see PDF below). To find out more about our new Brit Mitzvah Bingo program and the exciting prizes students can earn while participating, click here. 



Brit Mitzvah Bingo!

Brit Mitzvah Class

During the semester preceding the brit mitzvah ceremony, students will attend a midweek class. In this class, they will concentrate on the meaning of the ceremony, the prayers of the Shabbat service, and becoming a Jewish adult. 

Trope Tutoring

The child will require outside study  or tutoring to learn trope (how to read the musical notation which tells the reader how to chant the Torah portion). Depending on your child's background in Hebrew, many begin this 6-9 months before their brit mitvah date. We will have recommendations for tutors and/or online tutoring software that can be helpful resources for you during this process. 

Tikkun Olam Project

Each brit mitzvah student will engage in a tikkun olam (repairing the world) community service project related to developing a sense of ethical/Jewish obligation. The project should occur over the course of the brit mitzvah year, and requires a 12-15 hour minimum commitment. 


Each brit mitzvah will prepare a d'var Torah (a word of Torah) which they will present at the brit mitzvah service. The d'var can take many forms (i.e., speech, play, etc) and should communicate a discussion of key ideas in the Torah portion for that Shabbat as well as comment on the personal significance to the brit mitzvah. 


It is important that the family be members of CBH for a minimum of a full year prior to the brit mitzvah year, so they have the opportunity to form relationships and understand the essence of who we are as a community--as well as the opportunity to feel like a part of the community--prior to beginning the brit mitzvah course of study. 

Brit Mitzvah Guidelines

For questions, more information, or registration details, feel free to reach out to CBH's Rabbi's Assistant, Hailey Monette, at 404-315-6446 or

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