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Teen Haverim

Our teens bring a sense of fun, energy, and potential to our community.

We currently offer two branches of teen programming, which you can read more about below.

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Our CBH Teen Haverim program starts with our 6th graders and continues up

through 12th grade. While we will have opportunities for teens to get involved

with causes we care about, we want this group to strongly focus on building

social connection and community with teenage peers, while finding the fun and

joy in Jewish identity. We think it's important to provide our teens with an

intentional space of their own in our congregational community, rather than

feeling a big gap between becoming Brit Mitzvah and eventually becoming

full-fledged adults. And finally, we hope this program helps them see that there

are many different ways to connect into your Jewish identity and community in

ways that bring them personal simcha (joy). 


We are fortunate to be partnering with

CBH members & parents,

Alisa Bouer & Marci Alt,

as leadership for this program. 


Teen Haverim 2022-23 Dates:


  1. Sun, 9/18: Rosh Hashanah Apple Picking 

  2. Sat, 10/29: Bowling 

  3. Sun, 12/11: Chanukah Hot Chocolate & Ice Skating 

  4. Sat, 2/4: Tu BiShevat Hike

  5. Sun, 3/19: Shabbat Game Afternoon, 2-4pm 

  6. Sat, 5/7: Lag B’Omer Bonfire Night 

  7. June TBD: Tubing the Chattahoochee



How Much Does It Cost To Join? 


Nothing! It is free for any CBH teens to participate in. There could potentially be minimal fees toward certain cost-heavy events (like trips or big meals)--but we are working as hard as we can to obtain grants and funding to keep costs free as much of the time as we can. 

Why Are We Starting Our Teen Program in 6th Grade? 


We are designing a program that our teens can grow into. We've heard it expressed that after brit mitzvah, many teens fall to the wayside because they don't have a specific way to connect back into the community. By starting in 6th grade, we can ensure that our students already have a firm foundation with their CBH teen community, so that they are invested enough to continue participating in the program after they've had brit mitzvot and left the Sunday school. 


Why Is This Important? 


Every member of our community is important and valuable. We want our teens to have a space that is theirs, where they can feel valued and safe to connect, have fun, and be Jewish in whatever way that fits best for them. Through our program, we hope to achieve the following goals with our teens:


  • Community - Our teens need safe environments to socialize, and to understand the immense value of being part of a Jewish community. 

  • Identity - Our teens need to understand that they can be Jewish outside of Sunday school/brit mitzvot. They need to know that they have the space to explore what being Jewish means, feels likes, and looks like for each of them individually (and that it's okay if their Jewish identity is unique from other people's!). 

  • Joy - Our teens need to know that celebrating Jewish joy is just as important an aspect as the rest of Judaism. Having fun with their community is an important (and enjoyable) part of being Jewish!

CBHCS Madrichim Program


We truly love and value our fantastic madrichim. Our madrichim are helpers, role models, and community-builders. They are a hugely influential part of the CBH School experience, and each brings a unique touch to our school!


Our Madrichim program is an opportunity for graduate CBHCS students to remain involved at our Sunday school while stepping into a greater leadership role (think “counselor-in-training”), under the guidance of our teachers.


Madrichim most often step into classroom roles, assisting teachers and helping to keep students engaged. Madrichim are paid $7-$8/hr. 


To be eligible for this position, the student applying must be in 8th-12th grade and have been a student at our Sunday school at some point. They must also be able to attend our mandatory Teacher/Madrichim Orientation Day (the Sunday before Sunday school starts). 

To find out more about our teen programs, please contact

Kate Hennessey at or


We’re looking forward to lots of fun and friendship in the year ahead,

and hope that your teen will join us!


CBH Teen Haverim


Teen Hike at Doll Head Trail in 2019

Teen Haverim Ice Skating in 2022

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