CBH Teens

Our teens bring a sense of fun, energy, and potential to our community. We currently offer two branches of teen programming, which you can read more about below.


Rise Up with Rabbi Josh 


Don’t miss out on our engaging Rabbi-led teen program, Rise Up! This 8-session teen program is designed to empower teens to encounter relevant social issues and develop the critical thinking skills to develop their voice and opinions. Developing our next generation of leaders, we will equip our teens to learn how Jewish values and ethics can support approaches to some of the most challenging current social issues.


In addition to the late Sunday morning classes, there will also be social gatherings outside the synagogue and the school. We will blend both active learning and service opportunities with time for hanging out, having fun, and strengthening the friendships among our teens.

This program is open to CBH teen members who have gone through the Brit Mitzvah process, including CBHCS madrichim. Though not exclusive, we are gearing this program to 8th, 9th and 10th graders.  


(Note: In addition to creating a vibrant program, we wanted to create an appealing, additional offering to joining the madrichim program, so your teens would have an additional way to meet their post-brit mitzvah requirement. )

Learning & Discussion

Our Learning & Discussion sessions are focused on the themes of current social issues, leadership skills, and Jewish ethics. In particular, our goal is to explore these topics from a perspective relative to our teens. 


There are four learning & discussion sessions, that will take place at our Sunday school location. Each session will be about an hour and a half long, and include refreshments.

Social Outings

In addition to learning about important topics, it is vital that teens have a means to engage and connect as a community, socialize in a positive and inclusive environment, and put leadership skills/team-building skills into action. To create these opportunities, Rabbi Josh will bring your teens on four fun social events throughout the year.

While the exact activities depend on the present year’s calendar, the types of outings could include going on a civic bike tour, doing a walking tour of Jewish history in Atlanta, attending an exhibit at a museum, going on a hike, attending a sports game, going white water rafting, and more.


These events could potentially include a small additional cost (i.e., tickets/admissions cost).

CBH Teens may also bring friends as a guest on the four social event outings.

(You must be in communication with the Education Director about this beforehand.)




We do ask an administrative fee to cover the costs to run the program. (This does not cover admission fees for outings in which ticket purchases are required.)


Member Rate for Full Program (8 sessions): $225/per teen

Non-Member Rate for full Program (8 Sessions): $260/per teen

Member Rate to Attend Events Individually: $36/per event 

Non-Member Rate to Attend Events Individually: $40/per event

Parents will also be required to sign permission slips for their teens to attend, prior to each social event outing.

Past Rise Up Events:


  • Civic Bikes Historic Walking Tour of Black Atlanta 

  • Shabbat Dinner & Movie with Rabbi Josh

  • Learning & Discussion: Gun Violence & Social Activism

  • Group Hike on Doll Head Trail

  • Learning & Discussion: Technology & Privacy

  • Learning & Discussion: Bias/Implicit Bias, Anti-Semitism, & Personal Identity

  • Virtual Watch & Discuss: Black Mirror Episode "Nose Dive," followed by discussion on social media and keeping up appearances

  • Virtual Watch & Discuss: Netlfix documentary "Crip Camp" (produced by Barack & Michelle Obama), followed by discussion on disability rights, abelism, intersectionality, and disability activism from a Jewish perspective

CBH School Madrichim Program


Our Madrichim program is an opportunity for graduate CBHS students to remain involved at the school while stepping into a greater leadership role (think “counselor-in-training”), under the guidance of our teachers. Madrichim most often step into classroom roles, assisting teachers and helping to keep students engaged. While this begins as a volunteer position, madrichim who advance to our “Senior Madrich/Madricha” position receive payment for the support they give to our school.


We encourage everyone to apply, but please note that our madrichim positions are limited. (You can contact Kate at education@cbhatlanta.org to find out more about the application process.)


We truly love and value our fantastic madrichim. Our madrichim are helpers, role models, and community-builders. They are a hugely influential part of the CBH School experience, and each brings a unique touch to our school!

To find out more about our teen programs, please contact

Kate Hennessey at education@cbhatlanta.org or


We’re looking forward to lots of fun and friendship in the year ahead, and hope that your teen will join us!