A New Experience for Our
6th & 7th Grades

We are pleased to announce that we are introducing a new 6th-7th grade curriculum that's been created in-house as a collaboration between our Rabbi and Education Director. Read about it below!

A Foundation for Jewish Adulthood

& Developing a Personal Jewish Identity

By the 6th & 7th grades, the same structure and type of curriculum that our students have had since Kindergarten is no longer sufficient. Our goal with our new curriculum is to look at Jewish topics that are relevant to 6th & 7th graders’ current life milestones: preparing to become and becoming a Brit Mitzvah. Becoming a Brit Mitzvah means our students should be taking a more autonomous role in what Judaism personally means to them, and we want to give them the tools and foundation to do this. Below, you will find the specific topics/learning goals for each grade: 


6th Grade - Coming in 2022-23 


  • Learning the general context of what a Brit Mitzvah is—what being a “Jewish adult” means for them, and what to generally expect in a Brit Mitzvah ceremony

  • Setting personal goals for what they want to get out of their Brit Mitzvah experience

  • Exploring different Jewish perspectives of God and analyzing them

  • An in-depth look into Tikkun Olam, including designing a class-led Tikkun Olam project

  • Investigating Torah text, much like a detective—asking critical questions, challenging the text, analyzing how it relates to them in their modern lives, and joining the dialogue of generations of Jews with this text and each other.

  • Practicing service leader skills—building confidence in service leadership through preparing to help lead a Minyan B’Yachad service at Sunday school and learning about public speaking techniques from lay leaders


7th Grade - Coming in 2023-24 (or sooner)


  • Reviewing the general context of what a Brit Mitzvah is and setting goals for what they want out of their Brit Mitzvah experience and continued Jewish learning following the completion of their Brit Mitzvah ceremony.

  • A deep dive into Mussar, a lifelong Jewish practice that gives you the tools to become the best you that you can be.

  • L’Dor V’Dor—learning the importance of what older and younger generations have to contribute to each other; how to talk to elders; and participating in a L’Dor V’Dor project that chronicles the wisdom of a community elder in a format of the student’s choosing (written, recorded, video, photographs, artwork, etc)

*Please note that while our goal is to complement the Brit Mitzvah experience, our Sunday program is still separate from the CBH Brit Mitzvah program. Even if your child has opted out of a more traditional Brit Mitzvah ceremony—or a ceremony altogether—we encourage you to have them participate and learn these amazing foundational skills that will help them as they journey into their Jewish identities for the rest of their lives.