CBHCS Health & Safety Protocol 2021-22:
We Are Back In Person!

UPDATED: August 2nd, 2021


Shalom CBHCS Families,


I'm excited to announce that we've officially received the green light from our COVID-19 Task Force to re-open our school with protocols to keep our faculty and students safe. Please read the details below and let me know if you have any questions. I will be in touch closer to the beginning of school with more details about drop-off/pick-up and other procedures. 


Weather permitting, Rabbi Dayle will lead Family Minyan outside on the first day of Sunday school (August 15th). Please plan to attend with your child/ren. (Our schedule will remain the same: 9:30am-12:30pm - so please arrive at 9:30 for family minyan on the playground.)


We are all greatly looking forward to seeing your amazing children IN-PERSON for learning and fun this year!


CBH will re-open the CBH Community School according to the layered prevention approach (multiple approaches to protection) recommended by the CDC. In keeping with the latest CDC guidance for schools, these protocols will be followed:

Classes: Class sizes will be small; classes will be "podded" together with their teachers, avoiding exposure between classes.


Non-students: No parents will be allowed in the same areas of the building as students, and family minyan will not be held indoors until children under 12 have received the vaccine.


Parents will be allowed in the large indoor cafeteria area for parent classes/workshops, as long as they fit the following criteria: 

  • Must be vaccinated

  • Must be masked the entirety of the time inside, apart from eating or drinking

  • Must have already signed the Brit Briyut (see below for link)


Classroom Set-up: Classrooms will be arranged so that students are not facing each other (e.g., facing the front of the room instead of sitting in a circle)


Brit Briyut: Parents will sign the Brit Briyut: Covenant for Health and Well-Being, which holds them accountable to heed CBH’s Health and Well-Being Protocols.


Sanitation: We will maintain excellent sanitation practices for everyone in the building, as well as for the building itself.


Arrival/Dismissal: We will arrange drop-off/pick-up of students so as to minimize exposure.


Ventilation: Whenever possible, windows will be kept open and air circulation enhanced.


Maximize outdoor time: Since risk is so much lower when people are outdoors, we will maximize time spent outdoors – especially when eating.   

Mask wearing: Staff and students will continue to wear masks in indoor settings, except when eating. Mask wearing is always permitted, though not required, when students and faculty are outside. 


Continue to maintain physical distancing: We will work to maintain at least 3 feet of physical distance between students within classrooms. If students are eating inside, we will aim to maintain 6 feet of physical distance and minimize the amount of time without masks. 


Indoor Singing: Students will be permitted to sing morning prayer in their classrooms, while maintaining physical distance and wearing masks; students will be instructed to sing in quiet voices, to lower the risk of transmission. 

Symptoms: If anyone (students, teachers, staff) has COVID symptoms, the person should stay home and check with a health care provider to determine if testing is needed before returning to CBHCS. 


Please note: While not required, we STRONGLY urge you to stay home for the appropriate quarantine period as per the CDC website, following any exposure to large groups of people for big events (e.g., DragonCon, visiting a theme or amusement park, concerts, etc). 

Kate Hennessey and Rabbi Dayle will continue to meet with the CBH COVID-19 Task Force on a regular basis, to continue monitoring and adjusting our protocols in response to changing conditions and scientific guidance.  


Wishing you all a healthy remainder of the summer. 





Kate Hennessey

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