CBH Weekly Newsletter: November 10, 2019

Last Sunday, we had the pleasure of welcoming Chana Rothman to our Sunday school. She led a lively, musical family minyan service, and introduced us to her fantastic song “Gender Blender.” Our families had a delightful time, and got so much out of her dialogue on gender, what gender means, and gender rules. Chana stayed afterwards, to help facilitate a parent discussion on gender and parenting.

A huge thank you to Chana Rothman for visiting, and Rebecca Stapel-Wax, for coordinating her visit!

If you are interested in having some of Chana's music to listen to with your family at home, you can find it using the info below:

Album: Rainbow Train by Chana Rothman

Purchase-able (artist gets paid):

CD Baby

Amazon (less preferred)

Stream-able (artist doesn't get paid):




REMINDER: CBHCS will be closed for Thanksgiving Break on 11/24 and 12/1. We will reopen (with our regular hours) on 12/8.

To find out what fun is on the horizon, check the bottom of each blog post for our "Upcoming Events" section.

To find out what our students were up to in their classes last week, see below:

K/1st Grade

This week at CBHCS, we…

  • Learned that Shabbat is a special day of rest, how Shabbat connects to the Creation story, and when Shabbat takes place each week.

  • Sang a fun Shabbat song together, and learned about Shabbat traditions.

  • Saw pictures of the ritual items of Shabbat, and played “Shabbat Symbol Memory Match” together.

  • Learned the story of why we cover the challah, and did a Shabbat craft.

  • Read some fun Shabbat stories together, talked about the concept of resting/recharging and how it is different for different people, and discussed how we each like to rest and relax.

2nd/3rd Grade

In Sunday school, we learned the story about the Tower of Babel. We also learned the concept of how everyone is created in God’s image.

In Hebrew, we are working on decoding Hebrew, and practicing writing words with the letters א ב ב ג ד ה. (It’s really exciting!)

See you this Sunday!

4th Grade

Last Sunday, we learned all about Samson and his story. We learned that Samson was a strong Iraelite leader, and that he displayed different strengths as he lead the Israelites: strength of faith, strength of mind, and strength of body.

In Hebrew, we practiced the Brachot shel Shabbat (the blessings recited on Shabbat).

5th Grade

Last class, we discussed that Jewish values inform our choices and influence our behavior, and that by reviewing values, we can remember them better and apply them to our lives.

In Hebrew class, our students practiced reading and reciting the Shema in Hebrew.

6th Grade

This past Sunday, we went over Parshiyot Shemot and Vayeirah. We learned the story of when God chose Moses to lead the Israelites from slavery to freedom. We learned that the Israelites put their faith in Moses because they knew he was connected to God.

In Hebrew, we practiced the Birchot HaTorah.

See you this weekend!

7th Grade

Last Sunday, we learned about the Biblical personality, Saul. In the story, the Israelites asked God for a king to lead them. God advises Samuel to choose Saul as king of Israel. Saul has a humble background (he is the youngest member of the smallest family of the smallest tribe) and he’s a collaborative leader.

In Hebrew, practiced the Lecha Dodi prayer.

Upcoming Events at CBHCS

11/24 and 12/01 - Thanksgiving Break: No CBHCS.

12/08 - Rabbi Josh visits CBHCS and leads family minyan.

12/08 - Rabbi Josh leads our Rise Up Teen Outing in the afternoon.

12/08 - CBH Parent n’ Me: Chanukah Fun!

12/15 - CBH Congregational meeting at 10am, at CBH on Lavista.

12/22 and 12/29 - Winter break: No CBHCS.


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