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CBHCS Weekly Newsletter: December 8, 2019

Last Sunday was a busy and exciting day at CBHCS! Here’s what we were up to:

Rabbi Josh visited CBHCS to lead family minyan. We always love when Rabbi Josh visits! In addition to family minyan, he shared some words of wisdom on our middah of the week, HaKarat HaTov. HaKarat HaTov means gratitude, and literally “finding the good.” Rabbi Josh guided us in thinking of ways we could be “good finders,” and find the goodness to be thankful for--even in situations that don’t seem all that good.

Later that afternoon, Rabbi Josh also led our Rise Up teens on a hike on Doll Head Trail. He tied the fun outing into conversation on environmentalism, due to the unique nature/history of the trail: Years ago, a landfill was washed over onto the trail, leaving debris everywhere. Locals created artwork out of some of the debris (particularly the stranger pieces). There are now many displays of "found" art along the length of the trail.

After family minyan, our special guest, Rabbi Malka Packer-Monroe, helped facilitate a parent discussion entitled “Navigating the Winter Holidays as an Interfaith Family.” A huge thank you to Shana Cohen and the rest of our fabulous Parent Engagement Team for coordinating this awesome offering!

CBH Parent n’ Me also met after family minyan, and Kate led our PnMe families in some Chanukah fun! Our preschoolers saw pictures of traditional Chanukah objects and foods, learning what each was. We sang two Chanukah songs together, “I Have a Little Dreidel” and “Sevivon,” and danced around with scarves. Our preschoolers painted their own wood-and-metal chanukiahs, as well as their own wooden dreidels. They also played “Movement Dreidel,” had a snack, and heard a Chanukah story (The Hanukkah Guest by Eric A. Kimmel). They were sent home with their new chanukiahs and dreidels, as well as gelt, a Chanukah sticker, a latke recipe, our Chanukah song lyrics, and a Chanukah memory match game to play at home.

Last but not least, each class celebrated with a class Chanukah party at the end of the day. Our incredible parents brought in all kinds of treats and goodies (one class even had a dreidel-shaped pinata!). Each student also went home with a Chanukah goodie bag from CBHCS--a dreidel-shaped crayon, candy, a Chanukah sticker, and a fold-your-own-dreidel activity, all in a recyclable baggie.

REMINDER: CBHCS will be closed for Winter Break on 12/22 and 12/29. We will resume (at our regular hours) on 1/5.

To find out what fun is on the horizon, check the bottom of each blog post for our "Upcoming Events" section.

To find out what our students were up to in their classes last week, see below:

K/1st Grade

This week at CBHCS, we…

  • Learned that “Betzelem Elokim” means “in God’s image,” and that it’s a mitzvah to take care of oneself.

  • We decorated a “Betzelem Elokim: Why My Body Is Important & What I Love About It” pages for our journals, decorating person-figures to look like ourselves, and writing down why our bodies are important, things we love that each body part can do, things that make our bodies feel good, and things that make our bodies feel bad.

  • Played a group Kavod HaGuf (respecting the body) charades game, that showed ways to take care of our bodies, minds, and feelings.

  • Did a sensory and experiential activity to demonstrate how germs can spread from person to person, and discussed why it’s important to wash our hands with soap.

  • Read Hillel Takes a Bath by Vicki L. Weber, and made a “Kind Words Web” together as a group, in which each student practiced saying kind things about themselves.

  • We also learned and practiced the Dreidel Song, in preparation for Chanukah!

2nd/3rd Grade

Last Sunday, we learned that honoring your parents is a mitzvah, and talked about ways we can do this mitzvah. We also discussed different types of prayers/praying. We tied all these ideas into the story of the Akeidah (the Sacrifice of Isaac).

In Hebrew, we read the prayer for lighting the Chanukah candles, and learned its meaning.

4th Grade

Last Sunday, we learned about David, and all his friends and enemies. We heard the story of when God chooses David over King Saul, and we learned about the beautiful friendship of David and Jonathan. We discussed friendship and what it means to be a good friend.

In Hebrew, we practiced reading/reciting the Kiddush prayer.

5th Grade

Last Sunday, we learned about the choice to convert to Judaism, and the conversion process. We learned about the Jewish value of lo l’vayeish--do not embarrass, and how that relates to treating converts with respect and dignity, and making them feel welcome.

In Hebrew, we continued to practice the V’Ahavatah prayer.

6th Grade

Last week, we went over Parshat Yitro, and learned that the Jewish people have a responsibility to follow the Ten Commandments. We also learned that some people believe that every Jewish soul was present at Mount Sinai when the Ten Commandments were given.

In Hebrew, we did a review of everything we’ve been learning so far.

7th Grade

Last week, we talked about this time of year with Hanukkah and Christmas coming together. We talked about shared values that Christians and Jews have at this time of year, such as goodwill toward everybody. Then, we talked about the recent city of Decatur ordinance outlying discrimination against a variety of protected groups, including LGBTQ. We discussed that curiously, that ordinance outlaws discrimination because of disability but it does not define disability, though it defines all the other protected groups.

We also had our class Chanukah party, and the kids pleasantly socialized among themselves, playing games and connecting. Thank you to our class parents for bringing treats for us!

Upcoming Events at CBHCS

12/22-12/29 -

  • Winter Break - NO CBHCS

1/5 -

  • Rabbi Josh visits and leads family minyan

  • Rabbi Josh leads teen class at CBHCS

  • Coffee with Rabbi G (for parents)

1/12 -

  • CBH Parent n’ Me: Be a Super Mentsch!

1/19 -

  • No Sunday school--MLK Day weekend

1/25 -

  • Teen Magic the Gathering & Board Games at CBH on Lavista, 3pm-5pm for 6th-12th graders (Free but please RSVP!)


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