CBHCS Weekly Newsletter: January 26, 2019

During Family Minyan last Sunday, Rabbi G introduced the middah of “Zerizut,” which is Hebrew for “enthusiasm.” She discussed putting your passion and enthusiasm into everything you do--even schoolwork! She also tied this into a story about a man named Rabbi Heschel, who marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. to support his fight for racial equality. (If you’d like to check out the children’s book about this story, As Good As Anybody: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Joshua Heschel’s Amazing March Toward Freedom by Richard Michelson, you can find it here. For grown-up reading, you can find more information about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rabbi Heschel by reading this article.)

To find out what fun is on the horizon, check the bottom of each blog post for our "Upcoming Events" section.

To find out what our students were up to in their classes last week, see below:

K/1st Grade:

This week at CBHCS, we…

  • Learned about the story of Jacob & Esau!

  • Watched two short Bimbam videos on Parshat Toldot (the Torah portion that contains the story of Jacob & Esau), and discussed how we can make amends when we get into a fight with a sibling or friend.

  • Played the fun “Jacob’s Disguise” game together, and discussed better ways to get what we want, that don’t involve tricking someone else.

  • Discussed ways to be kind and create shalom (peace) in our families, and created popsicle stick versions of each of our family members, with an action for being kind to that person on the back of each one.

  • Filled out a “What I Love About My Mishpacha” sheet for our journals that we’ll be taking home at the end of the year.

2nd/3rd Grade:

Last Sunday, we learned about Jacob and Esau. We learned that Jacob and Esau were twins

who have a complex relationship. We also discussed that it is a Jewish value to practice "erech apayim,” being slow to anger.

In Hebrew, we continued to read and practice the “Mah Tovu” prayer.

4th Grade:

On Sunday, we did our Mid-Year Review. We review the prophets, and that they are important figures in Jewish history who guide the Israelites to do the right thing. We also reviewed the Jewish holidays, and how the holidays are unique ways to celebrate being Jewish.

In Hebrew, we read and practiced the Havdalah prayer.

5th Grade:

Last Sunday, we learned about Jewish weddings. We learned that Jewish wedding rituals incorporate customs from many cultural and traditional sources. We discussed that customs at Jewish weddings allow couples to participate in the act of “hidur mitz’vah,” beautifying the commandment. We also learned that weddings are joyful occasions meant for celebration and dancing with loved ones.

In Hebrew, we worked on the “Mi Chamochah” prayer.

6th Grade:

On Sunday, we went over Parshiyot Vayikrah, Tzav, and Shemini. We learned that the book of Leviticus gives the Israelites instructions about how to be holy. We also learned that sacrifices were given for a variety of reasons, and that the modern prayer service replaces ancient sacrifice in Jewish worship. We discussed that we can make decisions about how to make our lives holy based on laws in the book of Leviticus. We also learned that the Torah gives rules and suggestions about how to decide what we eat. These rules are called the laws of kashrut (kosher laws).

In Hebrew, we worked on reviewing the Torah service.

7th Grade:

Last weekend, we learned about Hosea. We learned that Hosea believed in a just and merciful God. We discussed that there are multiple ways to seek justice.

In Hebrew, we worked on our new unit: “Why Do We Pray?”

Upcoming Events at CBHCS:

2/9 - PET Parent Discussion: Immigration and Refugee Issues Facing Georgia Families

2/16 - President’s Day Weekend Break--NO SUNDAY SCHOOL

2/23 - CBH Parent n’ Me

- CBH Purim Build-a-Basket (at the synagogue)

3/8 - Purim Family Minyan with Rabbi Josh

3/29 - CBH Parent n’ Me

4/5 - Spring Break--NO SUNDAY SCHOOL

4/12 - Passover Break--NO SUNDAY SCHOOL

4/26 - CBHCS Open House & Bring-a-Friend Day

5/3 - Rise Up Teen Workshop with Rabbi Josh

5/10 - Mother’s Day Break--NO SUNDAY SCHOOL

5/17 - Last Day of CBHCS 2019-20


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