CBHCS Weekly Newsletter: November 3rd, 2019

Last Sunday, we were pleased to welcome Rabbi Josh back to visit and lead another morning of family minyan service. Rabbi Josh spoke about the middah of Ahavah, which means “love.” We explored this middah through the lens of loving your neighbor as yourself.

As Rabbi Josh explained, Rabbi Hillel once said that all of Torah is about loving your neighbor as yourself, and “the rest is just commentary.” He discussed what it means to love others and love yourself, and the Golden Rule (do to others as you would want done to you).

To find out what fun is on the horizon, check the bottom of each blog post for our "Upcoming Events" section.

To find out what our students were up to in their classes last week, see below:

K/1st Grade

This week at CBHCS, we…

  • Learned that Shabbat is a special day of rest, how Shabbat connects to the Creation story, and when Shabbat takes place each week.

  • Sang a fun Shabbat song together, and learned about Shabbat traditions.

  • Saw pictures of the ritual items of Shabbat, and played “Shabbat Symbol Memory Match” together.

  • Learned the story of why we cover the challah. Coming soon, we will decorate our own challah covers to bring home!

  • Read some fun Shabbat stories together, talked about the concept of resting/recharging and how it is different for different people, and discussed how we each like to rest and relax.

2nd/3rd Grade

Last week, we started decoding Hebrew. We started with aleph, bet, and vet, and assorted vowels. Using our fingers, we wrote Hebrew words in shaving cream.(It was messy--but fun!) We wrote some silly words and some real words that can be made from those letters with vowels.

In Judaics, we learned the Jewish middah/trait of Savlanut (patience). We also learned the story of Noah’s ark, and made our own “arks” and rainbows out of paper plates.

Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday!

4th Grade

Last Sunday, we learned that Deborah was a judge who helped the Israelites defeat an enemy. We discussed that a good judge is someone who is fair and brave when making decisions.

In Hebrew, we continued to learn and practice the Brachot shel Mitzvot.

Can’t wait to see you this weekend!

5th Grade

Last Sunday, we returned to our regular 5th grade classes at CBHCS, following our field trip to listen to the guest child-of-a-Holocaust-survivor speaker at CBH the weekend before. We were able to debrief and discuss what we've learned over our Holocaust unit.

We also did a review of Jewish values, and discussed the importance of going back to review, and how it can help us to keep learning more.

In Hebrew, our students worked on reading and saying the Shema.

Thanks, and see you this Sunday!

6th Grade

Last weekend, we went over Parshiot Vayigash and Vay’chi. In these parshiot, Jacob and his family moved from Canaan to Egypt. We also discovered that Jacob’s sons are the basis for the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

In Hebrew, we worked on the Birchot HaTorah prayer.

See you on Sunday!

7th Grade

Last Sunday, we went over the story of Noah’s ark. Our students had a lot of interesting questions and observations on the story. Some of the points that were brought up during the discussion included:

  • Was this a real story, or symbolic?

  • Was the dove in the story the reason why nowadays people often use doves as an icon of peace?

  • Was Noah a hero?

  • Is being a hero more about actions or the intentions that go with the actions?

For part of the lesson, we played a card game called “I Dissent,” which is a Ruth Bader Ginsburg-themed game. (You can find out more about it by clicking here.) We replaced the topics in the game with topics from our lesson, and our students debated them while earning points in the game. It was lively and fun!

In Hebrew, we read the parsha of Noah’s ark in Hebrew.

Looking forward to this Sunday with your fantastic kids!

Upcoming Events at CBHCS

11/10 - Chana Rothman visits CBHCS! She will lead family minyan, followed by a parent workshop.

11/24 and 12/01 - Thanksgiving Break: No CBHCS.

12/08 - Rabbi Josh visits CBHCS and leads family minyan.

12/08 - Rabbi Josh leads our Rise Up Teen Outing in the afternoon.

12/08 - CBH Parent n’ Me: Chanukah Fun!

12/15 - CBH Congregational meeting at 10am, at CBH on Lavista.

12/22 and 12/29 - Winter break: No CBHCS.


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