CBHCS Weekly Newsletter: Sept. 8, 2019

Last Sunday, Rabbi G led family minyan and introduced the theme of “Ometz Lev,” which means "courage." (It literally translates to "strength of heart.") She discussed what it means to have the courage to be yourself, quoting the story of Rabbi Zusha.

She also taught us how to bow to the prayer “Barechu,” and went over the historical reasons that Jews bow the way we do now, rather than fully prostrated.

We also had our first session of Parent n’ Me. It was a BLAST! As a group, we enjoyed some movement (with dance scarves!) to the "Dip the Apple In the Honey" song we sang together, and did a Rosh Hashanah “Apple Tree” yoga pose and movement game. We talked about our wishes for the new year (hint: most preschoolers' RH wishes involve unicorns) and created hand-print apples. Then while our parents/guardians enjoyed some learning with Rabbi G, the kiddos heard a story about a little apple tree and "acted out" the story using (gluten-free) apple pie-scented play-dough. They also decorated a Honey Apple Cake recipe card with apple stamping for their parents/guardians to use at home. With our parents/guardians, we did an apple-tasting of five different kinds of apples while reading a RH lift-the-flap book together. Our parents enjoyed 45 min of kid-free learning with Rabbi G, discussing personal Rosh Hashanah traditions and experience, as well as the food symbolism for Rosh Hashanah. Our 1-4 year olds and their families are more than ready for the new year!

K/1st Grade

This week at CBHCS, we…

  • Learned the differences between the English calendar and the Jewish calendar, colored our own individual classroom calendars, and found out our Hebrew birthday months.

  • We learned that the Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar, and did a sensory Play-Doh project to learn about the phases of the moon.

  • Played a group game, sorting the English holidays and the Hebrew holidays.

  • Practiced our Rosh Hashanah song and heard a Hebrew months song.

2nd/3rd Grade

Last Sunday, we talked about the upcoming holiday, Rosh Hashanah. We discussed that apples and honey are symbolic of wishing for a sweet new year. We talked about the sweet things and blessings we have had in the past year, and what we are excited for next year. We also created apple and honey plates!

So far in Hebrew, we have learned the letters aleph, bet/vet, gimmel, dalet, hay, vav, and zayin. We have also learned the ah, eh, ooh, and oh vowels.

Looking forward to seeing your children next Sunday!

4th Grade

Last Sunday, we learned that the Israelites’ freedom from slavery is a central focus of Jewish history, and that we recall the story of the Exodus in daily prayers and especially on Shabbat and holidays.

In Hebrew, we practiced reading and saying the Brachot prayers.

See you next Sunday!

5th Grade

In Hebrew, we split the class into two groups. The group with the stronger Hebrew foundation completed their first prayer—reading the Shema and V’ahavta. The other half worked with me on vowels and the letters that look alike; we came up with mnemonic devices to remember the sounds each makes.

In Judaics, we continued our journey through Genesis, acting out and discussing the story of Cain and Able. Sibling rivalry was not lost on these kids. The story also gave us a perfect opening to talk about the importance of always trying our best, to being “our brother’s keeper,” and the importance of honesty.

Because they were so focused, we ended the class with a magic trick — which seemed to be the perfect incentive to keep the kids engaged and motivated until the end of class. I’ll likely keep this up as a closing activity.

As always, please reach out to us if you have ideas or suggestions that would make our time together on Sundays more successful.

6th Grade

This past Sunday, we learned that Parshat Noach is a parshah in the Torah. In the parsha, God saves Noah, his family, and certain animals from the destruction of the flood. We also learn in this parsha that before people build the Tower of Babel, everyone can understand each other.

In Hebrew, we practiced working on our reading and letter skills, as well as important words from the prayers.

See you this weekend!

7th Grade

Last week, we talked about tzedakah and why it is such an important mitzvah. We also had a debate on censorship and political correctness as the new McCarthyism. The purpose of the debates was to offer thoughts to the students so they could polish their public speaking skills in preparation for their bar or bat mitzvahs. All of them are well on their way to being comfortable in front of an audience.

In Hebrew, we broke into three groups and read the Ashrei prayer.

Finally, we ended by playing Jewish/Hebrew hangman where each student had to get the class to guess a Jewish or Hebrew related clue.

See you this weekend!


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