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Week 1: CBHCS Class Newsletters & Parent Reminders

Hi CBHCS Families,

Last Sunday was our first Sunday of the 2021-22 school year - and our first Sunday back in-person after a year of virtual learning! We are so grateful for an amazing Interim Rabbi, Rabbi Dayle Freedman, group of families, and staff of teachers who are all willing to be flexible and creative in finding safe ways to connect. On 8/15, we started Sunday school with our first outdoor family minyan on the playground. With households leaving distance between each other, being outdoors, and everyone masking, we were able to enjoy each other's company while Rabbi Dayle led us in some beautiful and interactive prayers.

Please see our notifications, reminders, and newsletters for each class below. As a reminder, we will NOT be holding outdoor family minyan this week; please drop your children off in the morning carpool from 9:15-9:30am.

Needed: Carpool Volunteers

Thank you to the parents who already signed up for carpool for this Sunday. I am in need of more volunteers for the rest of fall semester; please sign up via the link in the email.

Update: Carpool Instructions

A huge thank you to Amy Schwartz and Michele Walsh for being our carpool volunteers for our first afternoon carpool last Sunday! Now that we have gotten a feel for carpool, here are the updated instructions:

  1. Keep to the right as you drive in, and pull all the way up around the loop (drive toward the back and past the dumpster bearing the patience sign).

  2. Pull back around by the school, so that your car is next to the front porch of the main entrance.

  3. We will send your child/ren out to your car.

  4. Please wait in line to leave, even once your child is in the car: We want to avoid any potential accidents/fender benders. As such, please do not pull out of the line to drive ahead of the cars in front of you. We will do our best to be timely - we appreciate your patience!

  5. Please DO NOT pull up next to the main carpool line and have your child cross through traffic to enter your vehicle.

REMINDER: We do not provide a snack. Please be sure to send your child with a nut-free snack and water bottle: Snack break happens during our outside recess.

Gabby P. Bat Mitzvah Project

Hi CBHCS Families, For my bat mitzvah project I am doing an online bakery where all profits go to an animal rescue (Angels Among Us). I am selling cookies, brownies, and dog treats. Here is a link to my website: and order form: Thank you, Gabby P.

Family Rosh Hashanah at CBH

Free, but registration is required:

What to Bring:

  • Something to sit on (picnic blanket or beach chairs)

  • Lunch for your family

  • Pomegranate - actual pomegranate seeds, pomegranate juice, chocolate pomegranate pieces, etc

  • Head - head of lettuce or Swedish fish candy

  • Gourd - pumpkin bread, roasted squash, pumpkin seeds, etc

  • Black-eyed peas (can be made into a dip - recipe here)

  • Leeks or green onions

  • Carrots - baby carrots, dried carrot chips, carrot cake muffins, etc

  • Beets

  • Please note that we will not be providing plates, utensils, napkins, or cups - so plan accordingly!

Newsletters Recapping Last Sunday, 8/15

Enjoying CBH Community School so far? Please spread the words about us! We are always looking to grow our community of friends by accepting new students and families. There's space for everyone at CBHCS!

We'll see you next Sunday (8/22)!


Kate Hennessey


Education Director


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