Congregation Bet Haverim Community School

Sunday program for K-7th

Our Sunday school is diverse, friendly, and welcoming. We teach traditional Jewish topics (holidays, Jewish ethics, Jewish culture and history, prayer, and Hebrew literacy skills) in a progressive and inclusive way that is relevant to the lifestyles of many modern Jewish/Interfaith families.


We also create a safe space for students and families of all backgrounds and identities to learn about their heritage and make friends. Support and celebration for our LGBTQ+ community is a huge part of our culture as a school, and many of our staff are amazing LGBTQ+ role models. 


CBH Community School serves grades K-7th, and feeds directly into our Brit Mitzvah Program, Madrichim Program, and CBH Teen group. 

We are excited to partner with ShalomLearning for our innovative curriculum (endorsed by the Jewish Federation of Atlanta). 



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If my child has little background in Judaism, will they fit in?

A: Absolutely. All our families come from a richly diverse spectrum of backgrounds regarding Judaism and Jewish practice, and many of our families are also some blend of interfaith.

Q: What if my child is starting in a later grade, but hasn't learned much/any Hebrew?

A: We understand where you are coming from! Regardless of age/grade, most of our students are at different personal levels when it comes to Hebrew, largely due to their diverse backgrounds. We celebrate this by focusing on individualizing Hebrew as much as possible. Though we will continue in-person learning, we will also continue to offer our Zoom one-on-one 30 minute Hebrew tutoring sessions during the week (arranged according to your child's schedule), in addition to the 30 minutes of group learning that takes place in-person on Sundays. 

Q: My child has special learning needs. Will you accommodate them?

A: Yes, of course! Every year, we engage a Learning Specialist to consult with parents of students who have IEPs or 504 plans, ADHD, or who for any other reason find a classroom environment challenging. Our specialist observes students in the classroom on Sundays, and to offers helpful guidance to our teachers and parents on how to best ensure that every child feels welcomed, comfortable, and included. 

Q: What are Sunday school hours?

A: Sunday school begins at 9:30am and ends at 12:30pm.

  • 9:30-10am: Students and their families participate in 30 min of morning prayers, songs, and stories (Minyan B'Yachad)---after which, parents leave or stay for special adult programming (depending on the day) and students go up to their classrooms. 

  • 10-11am: 1 hour of Judaics instruction

  • 11-11:30am: A 30 minute recess and snack time

  • 11:30-12pm: 30 minutes of group Hebrew instruction

  • 12-12:30pm: 30 minutes of Z'man Chaverim, "Friends Time"---a time designated for students to build and strengthen Jewish friendships with group games and activities.

  • Weekly: Our 4th-7th graders can also sign up for our one-on-one virtual Hebrew tutoring during the week, tailored to their schedules (at no extra cost), which is a weekly 30 minute session. This tutoring is now mandatory for 5th-7th. 


If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to Kate Hennessey

at 404-315-6446 or

Please Note: This will take you to our main CBH website.