Why A Synagogue Program Over an Unaffiliated Program?

Rabbis Who Care


At CBH, we have rabbis who care. Our rabbis are authentic, encouraging, and relatable. They understand, and their goal is to support and enrich your life.


Our rabbinic presence is felt not only at the synagogue, but also at our Sunday school. Rabbi G can be found at CBH Community School every Sunday, leading family minyan (prayer & songs) in the morning, as well as parent learning groups. Rabbi Josh visits to lead special family minyan (prayer & songs) services and leads special family programming at the synagogue, such as our beloved Shavuot Ice Cream Mt. Sinai event each year.


Rabbi Josh and Rabbi G both work with our Brit Mitzvah students (students who are preparing for their bar/bat/brit mitzvah ceremonies). They teach and train our students to read and sing from the Torah, say the Torah blessings, and mentor them in writing a d'var torah, a short sermon or teaching about the Torah portion read at their celebration. 

Our rabbis have been a great support for many families with children of all ages, and an invaluable resource for parents. 

Community Support and Belonging for the ENTIRE Family


Kehillah, Hebrew for “community,” is the foundation of Judaism and Jewish practice. Our community offers a loving, welcoming, and safe environment for families and individuals to connect and express their full selves.


Being part of a community gives people of all ages a sense of belonging and a foundation. A community is a refuge during the trying times of our lives, and a place of joy and celebration during our life milestones.


It teaches our children the value of being part of a community, and what that means. It gives our children friends their age and adults to grow up around, whom they can look up to. And it serves as a model for teaching children that there is value in being a part of something bigger than they are. 







Supporting a Historic LGTQBIA+ Institution 


Congregation Bet Haverim was founded in 1985, and was the first LGTQB+ synagogue in Georgia. (You can read more about LGTQB+ history in the state of Georgia by clicking here; Congregation Bet Haverim is mentioned under the “20th Century in Atlanta” section.)

As a member at CBH, you are not only connecting to a diverse and welcoming community that offers great learning opportunities; you are a part of the living history of the American LGTQB+ & allies community. Your membership helps us continue offering learning opportunities and social gatherings, as well as continue the legacy of Jewish LGTQBIA+ Pride in Georgia. 





Community Involvement in Social Justice


One of our biggest unifying factors as a congregation is our collective focus on social justice and social activism. It is interwoven into our individual identities, as well as our collective one. 

Rabbi Josh is a long-time social activist, who has worked tirelessly to support numerous human rights causes (which you can read more about here). 

Rabbi G has also been an activist and advocate for social justice (which you can read more about here); since joining CBH this year, she has helped to coordinate social justice efforts at our Sunday school-- such as taking lead on organizing meals and visitors last year for a queer individual from Jamaica, who was seeking sanctuary in Georgia (CBH joined in with local churches to help support him). 

Social justice and activism themes/topics are woven throughout our Sunday curriculum, and school-wide projects generally focus on service projects that will give back to the community. 


Just as we are a diverse community, so is our passion for social justice diverse and broad: In our community, you will find someone who cares about everything, from LGTQBIA+ rights to Black Lives Matter, from climate change/environmental issues to immigrant rights, from feeding homeless individuals to disability rights, and more. 

If you have a passionate heart for justice, love, and peace, you will find your niche at CBH!









Membership Perks


As a member, you can enjoy discounted prices on family events at the synagogue, as well as discounted tuition prices on our Sunday school program. There are also some synagogue events and offerings that are member-exclusive.